Self titled debut EP was recorded over a number of session in March 1996 and December 1996 by Lindsay Gravina (Magic Dirt, The Living End) at the old Birdland Studios on High Street, Prahran. Featuring both Andy Strachan and Stephen Boyle (Moler) on drums, this high energy 5 track EP was critically acclaimed and put Alcotomic on the map.

Stand out tracks Daisy and Living in Luxury were used extensively by the 9 Network in such shows as Stingers and Good Guys Bad Guys. Bonus previously unreleased track and crowd favourite Purple Velvet Shades was later included on the remastered version.

Recorded over four days in January 1998, the three track single Anything But You became a game changer for Alcotomic. 

Produced by David Price (Midnight Oil, Screamfeeder) and recorded  at Sydney's Velvet Sound Studios, it featured  Anything But You single including B sides Invisible and Black & White, which was released July 4. 

The band  appeared on ABC's Recovery on July 18 and played to a packed to the rafters crowd at the Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. They with US label Not Lame Records and was invited to play the IPO tour in the US.

In mid 1999, the band signed up to work again with Lindsay Gravina to cut their penultimate CD. The band had been recording new songs at X-Tek Studios with producer Nic Moore earlier in the year but the decision was made to return to Birdland to recapture their earlier raw sound.


Recorded over two days from May 13, the intended EP was cut back to a three track single featuring Where You Go, Falling Pins and an acoustic version of A Little Hour. The 2018 re-released EP includes the songs Adjusted and Incomplete both recorded at the same sessions. 


These final recordings with Baxter, Strachan and Inglis, captured the band at their best; raw, angular and melodic. On July 3 2000, Where You Go was released through Magneto/MGM.

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