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"Alcotomic draw ideas from several place but sound like none of them, which is refreshing. Warm, melodic and extremely appealing even on first listen, this is fuzz pop done right and something that a lot of bands with bigger budgets have enormous trouble with."

Anything But You - Anthony Horan Inpress Magazine.

"Alcotomic just keep getting better and better. The new songs are killers and the vocals and harmonies nailed. Spontaneous cheers erupt when guitarist John Baxter rips off a fractured solo. On-stage charm compliments the spunky songwriting with enough light and shade to keep you guessing and pop smarts to keep you bopping"

Live at the Dan O'Connell Hotel - Kerrie-Anne Hickin Beat Magazine 

"This debut is filled with 6 examples of just how Alcotomic are able to manipulate the sounds of a three piece and make it all their own. I am in love with this voice, deep and husky it sits beautifully within the arrangements that Alcotomic create."

Self Titled debut - Natalie McPhee Inpress Magazine 

"John Freeman Baxter was the guitarist for Holocene. It was a pity they couldn't keep it together because the debut EP from from his new band, Alcotomic, shows that he can certainly write a cool pop tune. Recorded with Birdland's Lindsay and Mike, it contains some mighty sounds"

Self Titled EP debut - Jeff Jenkins Inpress Magazine 

Three songs only on this glorious little record from Melbourne’s Alcotomic. Well crafted and airy harmonies of ‘Invisible’ are what set this song apart and the more stop/start percussive drive of ‘Black Or White’ utilises a more complex arrangement.The single comes together with ‘Anything But You’, a lazy enough number with a drop dead chorus which I’m sure Even would kill for”

Anything But You - Alex Wheaton Forte Magazine

“Tough as nuts little power pop rocking tune that will grab you by the scruff of your neck and jiggle you around until you’re completely enamoured off its, sinewy, heavy, bass-ed, well (husky)- vocalled, persistent power pop rocking charms. Catchy as, and a whole lot of fun”

Where You Go single - Neala Johnson Beat Magazine

“There’s something about that tradional band set up of drums, bass and guitar that when it works, it just really works. Anything But You is an immediately likeable song with catchy chorus and that timeless three piece sound. Keep an eye on the lads, will ya!”

Anything But You  - Beat Magazine

“Where You Go is an intoxicating blend of melody, cracking riffs, cute keyboard squelch, heavy bass, endearing husky vocals and a whole lotta fun. The chorus will be engrained within two listens and from then on it’s a pleasure getting to know this song inside out. Two pretty b sides show that the first was not a fluke.”

Where You Go  - Sanity Magazine single pick of the week

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